Post: Clydesdale Western vs. CUS Pisa – Match Preview – Sunday 20th May

EuroHockey Club Challenge I – Edinburgh

Clydesdale Western vs. CUS Pisa – 12.15pm PB – Peffermill, Edinburgh

Clydesdale Western play their final Pool match of EuroHockey Club Challenge I on Sunday against Italian seeds, CUS Pisa at Peffermill, 12.15pm PB.

A win and a loss in their first two games means that Clydesdale Western and the rest of Pool B in Club Challenge I have it all to play for in the third and final Matchday.

Clydesdale Western are currently 3rd in their pool.  The picture for ‘Dale Western is most likely to be clearer after the first match on Sunday between Braxgata HC and Gintra Strekte Uni HC.  If Braxgata win, then the girls only require a draw from their game against CUS Pisa to qualify for the Promotion Play Off game.  If Braxgata and Gintra both draw, then only a win will be enough for the girls.  A win for Gintra would probably be the worst case scenario for the L1s – it would mean the ‘Dale Western would have to win and win by a colossal amount of goals.

Whatever happens, the girls will need as much of your support for their final game in Pool B of EuroHockey Club Challenge I.  So please do your utmost to attend!

Photo credit: Andy Lovat