Post: Clydesdale Western 0-4 Braxgata HC – ‘Dale Western lose Game 2 of Club Challenge I

EuroHockey Club Challenge I – Edinburgh

Clydesdale Western 0-4 Braxgata HC

Clydesdale Western lost in Matchday 2 of EuroHockey Club Challenge I at Peffermill yesterday as they were caught out by Braxgata HC’s blistering first quarter.

The girls who were buoyant mood before the game, following their win against Gintra Strekte Uni HC in their opening game the previous day, simply had no answer to their Belgian counterparts performance in the opening 15 mins of the contest.

After five minutes, in fact, ‘Dale Western were 3-0 down and conceded their fourth just before the end of the first quarter.  All four goals came from open play, with Braxgata scoring their first high into the net following a move down the right hand-side.  The next three goals that followed afterwards were tap ins at the back post.

Despite a disappointing start, the girls regrouped for the final three quarters and tried to force a way back in to the game through a couple of chances, most notably for Lexi Sabatelli.  Braxgata, however, almost stretched their lead as well but were kept at bay with saves from ‘keeper Jessica Buchanan.  And the 4-0 scoreline was how it was to remain as the girls now drop to 3rd in the table at Club Challenge I.

Their next game is on Sunday against Italian side, CUS Pisa, 12.15pm PB at Peffermill.

Unlucky on the result, girls.  Bring on Sunday, in which the club will be cheering you on!

Photo credit: Mark Pugh