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Thank you for visiting Clydesdale Hockey’s Website. Here you will find information about playing Hockey at Titwood.

At Titwood we are blessed with magnificent facilites through our own clubhouse, bar and an international standard water based pitch .

As a joint club hockey is provided for all with seven Ladies’, five Men’s  and many Youth teams. There are opportunities for anyone to take up the sport.

For Ladies, Milne Craig Clydesdale Western compete at the highest level of domestic hockey and have a proud tradition of competing in European club hockey under their previous name Glasgow Western Ladies Hockey Club.

For  Gents, PSL Team Sports Clydesdale compete in Men’s National League Division One  and there are five more Mens teams competing across all levels of domestic hockey.

We offer junior hockey to those that wish to start playing and those who wish to develop their game to the highest standards. Sessions are run on Wednesday, Thursday,  and Friday nights as well as many events on Sundays throughout the season.  We provide a clear pathway for talented boys and girls to reach their potential in the sport.