Post: Sunday 16th – M2 vs Menzieshill 2s

PSL Clydesdale Mens 2s won 6-4 vs. Menzieshill 2s today in the District Cup.

DSC_0127 (800x532)

Goals came  from David Nairn, Danny Cain (2), Adam Docherty, Chris McFadden and captain Blair Paul.

DSC_0150 (1024x945)

It was an open game with Clydesdale racing to a 3-0 lead. Danny Cain driving into the D opened the scoring with a cracking solo effort before David Nairn was put through after a good passing move and made it 2-0 and Chris McFadden  converted a short corner to make it 3-0. Menzieshill clawed their way back into it with two goals before half time, one from an aerial missed by the Clydesdale defenders.

DSC_0143 (802x1024)

Goals continued in the second half with Clydesdale eventually seeing it out 6-4.

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