Post: Migration to Clubbuzz 2 on 5th April 2022

The Club’s membership data base is being upgraded.
The staff at Clubbuzz have over time developed improvements to their Clubbuzz database. The result is “Clubbuzz 2” which was launched over a year ago and the Club has been waiting to be migrated onto the new version of the database.

There are several improvements over old Clubbuzz in particular, the communication options, the way the database will handles family membership and the graphical interface are all much improved. All of the existing functionality shall remain but new features will be present.

What is needed to migrate?
Tomorrow, 5th April, you will receive an email from Clubbuzz inviting you to create a username and password on the new system. Please follow the instructions on the email and let us know if you have any issues.

There will be a short time tomorrow when the system is down and after it re-emerges we will need to spend some time configuring some of the options on the site so make it relevant to our club so please bear with us over the next week .

Many thanks for your understanding.

Donald Amour
Clydesdale Cricket Club