Post: Junior Hockey Programme for 2019-20 Announced

Clydesdale and Clydesdale Western Hockey Club are delighted to announce the 2019-20 programme of hockey that is available for juniors.

The club will once again host over a range of sessions available for boys and girls, starting from as young as 5 years old. Below is a list of what the club has to offer, the information regarding each session. All of the sessions apart from one listed below will be held at Clydesdale’s main grounds (Official address: Clydesdale Cricket Club, 22 Beaton Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow G41 4LA).

Friday night – Junior Hockey – “Jockey” – 5.00pm-9.00pm

The club’s main junior coaching night. Friday night Junior Hockey sessions, or “Jockey” as it’s more affectionately known as, caters for boys and girls for all abilities. There are four one hour sessions, and as the hours go on, the older the age group gets. “Jockey” will start back on Friday 23rd August. For more information on dates please click here.

Sunday morning – Junior Hockey Festivals – Variable times

If such interest from Friday night is generated with your child(ren), you can also sign them up to participate for Clydesdale & Clydesdale Western at Junior Hockey Festivals on Sunday mornings. Festivals are held at clubs around the Glasgow/West region, and take place every four weeks between U10s & U14s to U8s & U12s. For information on when each festival is, where it will be held, please click here.

Thursday night – Indoor @ Shawlands Academy – 5.30pm-7.30pm

The club also holds a “satellite club” indoor session, which is held at the sports hall at Shawlands Academy. The session is ran weekly by club veteran Ali Bleach and is a “pay as you go” class. With it being “pay as you go”, there is no requirement for sign up, but each class costs £3.00 per child. The session consists of two hourly classes, starting from 5.30pm. Indoor @ Shawlands Academy will begin on Thursday 22nd August. For more information about the session, please click here.

Tuesday night – Boys Performance – 5.00pm-6.15pm

Every Tuesday night, the club hosts a Boys Performance session which is led by club coach, Ciaran Crawford. The sessions are designed for a higher intensity level and aimed at skill development and game understanding. To attend this class, boys need to be 10 years old or above. They are welcome to attend the first session as “taster” before registering. The first Boys Performance session will be Tuesday 27th August. For more information about this session, please click here.

Monday night – Women’s Club Training – 6.30pm-8.00pm

Ladies club training is held every Monday night, from 6.30pm, with the first session beginning on Monday 19th August. To attend this session, girls need to be in S1 and above. If available and interested, your child(ren) may be asked to represent one of Clydesdale Western six teams that play regular league fixtures, usually on Saturday’s. The club will also be hosting a ‘Trial Day’ for all females S1 and above. This is to determine which player is eligible to play for specific teams at Clydesdale Western based around their ability and their availability. The ‘Trial Day’ will be on Sunday 25th August from 2.00pm – 5.00pm. For more information about this session, please click here.

Wednesday night – Men’s Club Training – 8.00pm-9.30pm

Likewise with the ladies, the men run a Men’s Club Training session, which will take place every Wednesday night. Much like Women’s Club Training, boys would ideally need to be aged 11 and above. As well as this, if interested, those who attend Men’s Club Training can be selected for games on Saturday. Clydesdale Men run five teams competing in league and cup competitions throughout the season. The first session will start on Wednesday 28th August. Information for this session can be found here.

Please note – the club is unable to offer a junior session on Wednesday’s at this time. There are opportunities to play on the Friday session, Thursday indoor at Shawlands Academy and the Tuesday performance session for Boys.

Registration/Registration Renewal

Existing members will be sent a registration request from – please complete this and renewal details that will be forwarded to you. For new members, please complete the application on the side of this page (or below if you’re viewing this page through mobile) under the name ‘Membership Request’. Once completed, you will receive an e-mail notification.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either e-mail us through or personal message us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages – we are under the name ‘Clydesdale Hockey Club’.