Post: Herald Article on 10th October

There was an article written in the Herald on Thursday 10th October concerning Scottish Hockey’s scheduling of games at central venues, specifically at Glasgow Green on 19/20 October. The Club would like to confirm that this article was not sanctioned and the comments made in the article do not represent the official views of the Club. In particular, we wish to make it clear that the statement that Clydesdale Western “would rather not play in any future event of this type which is not hosted at Titwood” is not reflective of the club’s position.

Both PSL Clydesdale and Milne Craig Clydesdale Western are supportive of Scottish Hockey’s efforts to promote the sport and will happily take part in centrally located fixtures in the future. The Club expects Scottish Hockey to be supportive to those clubs that have invested significant sums of money in creating their own international standard pitches and to consider this when scheduling central events in the future.