Post: Club Statement – Hockey Restart – Hockey facilities now open for use

Dear Members,

Many of you will have seen the recent announcement that outdoor sports pitches are able to open from the 29th June. We, as a club, have been working to enable the pitch opens in line with the current guidelines. The pitch will be open from tomorrow, Tuesday 30th June.

There will be a number of rules in place to ensure the safety of members. The pitch will be split into four quarters each allowed a maximum of 8 members from 3 different households. There will be an online booking system in place. For members to make a pitch let booking, you will have all received an email from the club with a link enabling you to make appropriate bookings if you wish. You will be required to input your email address and full name as well as the contact details and names for each member of the group in the booking. This is critical from a track and trace perspective. Please sign up and use this for pitch bookings. Admission to the pitch will not be granted unless a pitch let has been booked.

Each pitch let will be one hour long, but we ask that you vacate the pitch after 55 minutes to reduce the numbers entering and exiting the grounds. Each member at this time is restricted to one hour per day. 

Members who are found to be playing on the pitch without booking or more than one hour with different households will be subjected to a warning, then if re-occurrence a subsequent ban. We hope it does not come to this, and ask that you respect the safety of others, including those on site who are volunteering their time to ensure the running of the club. Cricket will be using the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and some areas of the grass to train on, so we please ask you respect them and keep your distance.

There will be hand sanitiser units around the grounds and pitch, please use these when entering and exiting and at any necessary time in between. There will be signs and taping clearly indicating direction, reminding of social distancing and indicating areas which are not to be used. Common surfaces will be cleaned daily, but we ask you avoid any unnecessary contact with surfaces.

All equipment must be brought with you as none will be provided, the inside facilities will not be open for use including for use of the toilets. Juniors (U16) will have to be accompanied by an adult, this can be in the form of one playing adult member or one non-playing adult who can supervise from the grass at the side of the pitch.

Please refer to the attached document for more information regarding pitch bookings, player access and on pitch rules and guidance. We ask you read this before turning up to the pitch. Any questions please get in touch and any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.

Kind Regards,

Clydesdale & Clydesdale Western Hockey Club Committee