Junior Dates and Information

Clydesdale and Clydesdale Western Junior Hockey

The new hockey season will be starting very soon.  It is time to renew Junior Hockey membership Junior Hockey for 2018-19.  To register please complete the on-line form here.  The Club needs to ensure its information is up to date an accurate so please enter the details on the form even if you have entered them for previous seasons.  The Club’s privacy statement can be found here.   After completing the form you will see a confirmation screen confirming the detail have been received – the system does not send a confirmation email.

What session should I register for?

There are sessions to cover all abilities from beginners to intermediate and more advanced players.  The sessions are run by experienced and qualified coaches and emphasis is placed on enjoyment and participation

Age Group

Up to P4: Friday or Thursday
P5-P6: Friday or Wednesday or Thursday
P7-S1: Friday or Wednesday
S2-S6: Monday (girls) or Tuesday (boys) or Friday or Senior training.

For beginners and younger players, the Friday or Wednesday session or the indoor session on Thursday evenings at Shawlands Academy are appropriate.  For players who have been playing for a few years the Friday and Wednesday are still appropriate.  The coach will divide the session in groups and provide an appropriate programme to all.  Players who are a little older and starting to play competitive hockey should consider Monday and Tuesday sessions.  The Monday session is for girls who are preparing to play competitive hockey and will most likely be in S1+ or older.  There is a similar session for the boys on a Tuesday.  These sessions are stepping stones to full senior training.


Friday caters for a wide range of standards.  It is the club’s main junior training night.  If you are a beginner, this is where to start. T he later sessions contain more experienced players and the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment while developing key hockey skills.  There are four one hour sessions covering different age groups.

5.00-6.00pm: Up to Primary 4

6.00-7.00pm: P5 and P6

7.00-8.00pm: P7 and S1  

8.00-9.00pm: S2- S6     

These sessions will start on Friday 31st August.


For those that can’t manage Friday sessions, the club also offers a session on Wednesday at Titwood from 6.30pm-7.30pm.  This session is split into different groups to cover all age groups and delivers the same level of training as the Friday sessions.  It is suitable for beginners.


The Club runs indoor “pay as you go” sessions at Shawlands Academy from 5.30pm-7.30pm. These run throughout the year during school term time.

Monday – Girls

Monday is the ladies club training night.  The session runs from 6.30pm till 8.00pm.  Juniors who are playing in senior teams are encouraged to attend this session.  If your child is interested in playing female senior hockey please contact Rachel Brewer on arnieb@rocketmail.com.

Tuesday – Boys

The boys session on Tuesday is designed to be at a higher intensity level and aimed at skills development.

Sunday Mornings

The Club participates in junior hockey festivals organised by West District Hockey.  There are eight Sundays for each age group – normally four before Christmas and four in the spring.  The dates will be published soon and posted to the website and social media when they become available.  If you wish to participate please tick the box on the registration form.  Russell Bradley will be the main contact co-ordinating these events.

Fees – 2018-19

Fees for this year shall be as follows:

School Year


Up to P6


P7 – S1


S2 – S6 (U18s)




If you have two or more children you should consider taking up the ‘Family Membership’ package at Clydesdale Cricket Club.  The fee covers up to two non–playing adults and their children aged under 18 years.  As this is an adult membership, we will need details of the adults joining as well as the children.  There are additional charges if the parents are playing members at the Club.

To sign up for Junior Hockey 2018-19, please click here.


We would prefer to receive subscriptions by bank transfer but you may pay by cheque.

Bank Details

Bank of Scotland
Account Name:
Clydesdale Cricket Club – Hockey Committee
Sort Code:
80-07-67     Account Number: 00220320
Please ensure the child’s name is visible as the reference.

Cheques should be made payable to Clydesdale Cricket Club, Hockey Committee and sent to: Donald Amour, Chairman, 102 East Kilbride Road, Busby, Glasgow G76 8JF.


As an amateur sport club, the Club requires support from volunteers to operate.  We are interested in hearing from anyone who could help with the registration desk on a Friday, and to help to administer teams on Sunday mornings.  There are many other areas where help would be appreciated, including communications and administration.  If you would like to help, please get in touch using the email address juniorhockey@clydesdalehockey.org.uk.

Advertising Opportunities

There are sponsor and advertising opportunities at the Club and all proceeds would be greatly appreciated and re-invested in the Club’s future.  For more information, please visit the following link or contact the above email address for more information.


We request that children wear gum shields and shin guards when they are playing and if they are representing the club in games this is mandatory.  Training tops in Navy or Orange are available to purchase. Please do not wear school branded clothing at the sessions.  Details of the Club hoodie and zipper are show in the appendix below.


From time to time the Club will post information on Twitter, Facebook or the Club website.  The twitter name is @ClydesdaleHC and our Facebook page can be found here.  Please note that due to inclement weather we cancel sessions at short notice and we do ask for your understanding if this situation occurs.  Notice of cancellations will be posted on Twitter and Facebook, so please follow our feed.

Code of Conduct

It is vital for everyone’s enjoyment and safety that the children behave whilst on the pitch.  This includes following instructions from our coaches and paying attention to what is going on.  We will not tolerate instances of bullying, verbal abuse, bad language and general disobedience.  If a child has to be spoken to on more than two occasions, he/she may be asked to leave.  We ask for your support in ensuring that all the children and those who give their time to coach them enjoy their sessions at the Club.   Please be aware that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safe collection of their children from the premises at the end of the sessions.

A copy of the clubs code of conduct can be found here.

Contact Details

If you have any queries please contact the Junior Hockey Section by email at juniorhockey@clydesdalehockey.org.uk .
I wish you an enjoyable season of hockey.
Yours sincerely,
Donald Amour
Clydesdale Hockey Club


Friday Dates




31 August

25 January

26 April

7 September

1 February

3 May

14 September

8 February

10 May

28 September

22 February

17 May

5 October

1 March

31 May

12 October

8 March

7 June

26 October

15 March

14 June

2 November

22 March


9 November

29 March


16 November


23 November




Wednesday Dates



22 August

30 January

29 August

6 February

5 September

20 February

12 September

27 February

19 September

6 March

26 September

13 March

3 October

20 March

10 October

27 March

24 October

3 April

31 October


7 November


14 November


Tuesday Dates – Boys – P7+ (5.00pm – 6.15pm)



Term 3

21 August

5 February

16 April

28 August

12 February

23 April

4 September

19 February

30 April

11 September

26 February

7 May

18 September

5 March

14 May

25 September

12 March

21 May

2 October

19 March

28 May

9 October

26 March


16 October (School Holiday)


23 October (School Holiday)


30 October


7 November



14 November


21 November


28 November


Monday Dates – Girls S1+  (6.30pm-8.00pm)




20 August

28 January

15 April

27 August

4 February

22 April

3 September

11 February

29 April

10 September

18 February

6 May

17 September

25 February

13 May

24 September

4 March


1 October

11 March


8 October

18 March


15 October (School Holiday)

25 March


22 October (School Holiday)


29 October


5 November



12 November


19 November


26 November


Thursday Dates – Indoor at Shawlands

Start Date: 29th August

Not on during school holidays.

Sunday Dates

To be confirmed

Junior Kit

Child Protection Policy